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Lou Petrossi

Lou Petrossi

Founder, CEO
Lou started in tech as an SDR with GoodData, then built outbound functions for Showpad (5th US employee) and Talkdesk (7th US employee) before founding InsideScale. Lou’s supported sales development build-outs at 40+ startups to date, including Gong, Front, SaaStr, and Clearbit - all while leading InsideScale’s GTM functions.
Sean Ericson

Sean Ericson

After launching his career as a foundational SDR on Lou's Talkdesk team, Sean built sales development frameworks at 4-Tell, 500Tech and Meetup. He re-joined forces with Lou to rebrand and grow InsideScale. His tenure to date includes advising 30+ startups, while pioneering advanced SDR and RevOps.
Jake Biskar

Jake Biskar

Jake was a founding member of Lou's SDR team at Talkdesk, and went on to build sales development functions at Rainforest QA,, Flurry by Oath and dozens of other startups. Jake continues to advise InsideScale and move the process forward, across tooling, data and growth hacking.
Loretta Jones

Loretta Jones

Loretta Jones is a leading practitioner in the field of B2B demand gen marketing. She was the first Head of Marketing at EchoSign (acquired by Adobe) and ran teams at Coveo, Insightly, CodeSignal and Mixmax before joining Acceldata as VP Growth. Loretta has collaborated with InsideScale on a number of projects before joining as an Advisor.
Brendon Cassidy

Brendon Cassidy

Brendon Cassidy, Founder of Cassidy Ventures and Co-CEO of CoSell, is a respected leader in the inside sales community. He was LinkedIn’s first Head of Sales, took EchoSign from zero to acquisition by Adobe and was Talkdesk's first VP of Sales. Having also advised 40+ startups, his mentorship is invaluable.

Why We Do This

Our Values


Brands trust us to build SDR functions that scale. The stakes are high, so we have to deliver - no matter what.

Do your job well and everyone wins. Clients advance to their next round. We earn renewals and referrals.

Go Further, Together

Compete with the market, not each other. While our team strives to be great in all things sales development, we all have different strengths.

Lean on peers while sharing knowledge to achieve greatness for our clients and team.

Own the Narrative

Clients are hungry for transparency, progress, training, etc. So we religiously document processes, report on metrics, and share plans.

But, it’s usually better to smile externally and vent internally.

Stay Open

Be ready to gel with diverse cultures and personas - from Founders to Revenue and Ops Leaders - across multiple categories of SaaS.

What works for one client might not at another, so adapt and innovate when needed. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Nurture Our Network

Reciprocate by creating wins for associates - and it’s not all about ROI. Be kind, take the high road, it's a tight community.

The cool part? If you're solid, the network takes care of you - like they do for our Founder, Lou.

Study the Game

We encounter more challenges, personas and ideas in a year than some see in an entire career. You'll become an expert here.

But, we're not the only players in an ever-evolving space. So stay curious and keep learning to maintain your edge.

Merit, Not Politics

InsideScale lets you earn and learn on your terms. But that only comes from relentlessly delivering for clients.

For the dedicated, it’s a beautiful thing. You can trust that you’ll be evaluated on outcomes, not politics.

Be Well

We have a merit-based culture that prioritizes achievement - it's possible to get overwhelmed.

Practice gratitude, humor, humility, share feelings - and take care of yourself along the way.

And perks

Foundational Experience

Founding GTM roles and exposure to high-end consulting. Network with the “who’s who” of SaaS.

Tools & Training

Modern software, hardware, work-from-home setups. Coaching, certifications and access to our hive mind of experts.

Flexible Career Paths

Internal career progression and opportunities with InsideScale's clients and network.

Merit-Based Culture

Naturally inclusive environment, focused on achievement over politics. Trust you’ll be evaluated on outcomes.


Remote work environment with a supportive culture - and occasional team offsites / client onsites.

PTO & Wellness

Generous time off to support a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Wellness initiatives and reimbursements.

Jake Biskar

Jake Biskar


Jake was an original member of the famous SDR Team at Talkdesk Portland. After being hired and trained by Lou, Jake established himself as an elite team member. He went on to build the SDR program at Rainforest QA, which he scaled to 15 people at its height. Jake has also built successful SDR teams at and Flurry by Oath. 

Jake is a key contributor to InsideScale’s iterative process. Between he and Lou, they’ve implemented SDR frameworks at over 20 startups. As a modern operator and product of the system, Jake is a pro at pushing things forward.

Sales development aside, Jake is a proud father of two and loves staying active. From biking to golfing and marathons, Jake is dedicated to maintaining optimal health and wellness.

Loretta Jones

Loretta Jones


Loretta Jones is a leading mind in the field of B2B demand gen marketing. She was the first Head of Marketing at EchoSign (acquired by Adobe) and ran teams at Coveo, Insightly, and CodeSignal before joining Mixmax as CMO in 2018.

Loretta also owns a consulting practice and has collaborated with InsideScale on a few gigs before moving into an advisory role. The Loretta Jones / InsideScale partnership is proof that marketing and sales development are better together. 

Loretta resides in San Francisco and enjoys spending time with her husband and dogs. When they’re not both busy with their tech careers, you might spot them scuba diving in Hawaii, Mexico, or the Caribbean.

Colin McGrew

Colin McGrew


Colin started the famous team at GoodData Portland, where he hired and trained Lou for his first SDR gig. Colin grew the team to 20 people at its height and laid the groundwork for the InsideScale process that’s iterated over the years.

Colin held marketing and closing roles at Keboola and Postano and also founded his own consulting practice. As a Sr. Consultant, he helped SaaStr market their Annual Event and Kixie establish it’s outbound process from scratch. 

Colin resides in Portland, Oregon. In addition to his love for consulting and data-driven sales/marketing, Colin enjoys meditation, studying philosophy, spending time at the river, and barbecuing (when it’s actually sunny).

Sean Ericson

Sean Ericson


Sean launched his sales career as a foundational SDR on Lou’s original Talkdesk team and has since implemented sales development frameworks at 4-Tell, 500Tech, and Meetup.

Having worked on 10+ projects since joining InsideScale in January 2018, Sean creates awesome sales ops frameworks and shows reps how to execute efficient, end-to-end workflows. Navigating the complicated matrix of sales stacks and data comes second nature for Sean — and clients tend to love him for it.

Sean is currently based in San Francisco but regularly spends time in New York and London. In fact, he just completed his Masters in International Development at the London School of Economics. His passion for investing in people is expressed daily as a consultant and member of the InsideScale community.

Lou Petrossi

Lou Petrossi

Founder, CEO

Lou began his sales development career as an outbound SDR at GoodData. From there, he built Showpad’s early outbound program as their first US-based SDR (US employee #5). He then went on to lead Talkdesk’s first outbound program as Director (US employee #7). Drawing from these success stories, Lou developed a progressive process that enabled him to found InsideScale (f.k.a Petrossi Ventures).

Since launching in 2016, Lou and the InsideScale team have built sales development frameworks and teams for 20+ startups. He loves building processes that help clients achieve greater professional success and enjoy a higher quality of life. Lou’s goal is to bring as many great products and people to market as possible through InsideScale.

Born in the Bay Area, Lou was raised in a big Italian family and has 10 nieces and nephews. He is passionate about living an organic lifestyle, working out, disc golfing, and seeing live music, which suits life in San Francisco perfectly. 




Brendon Cassidy, Founder of Cassidy Ventures, is a respected leader in the insides sales community and popular voice on LinkedIn. He was LinkedIn’s first Head of Sales, took EchoSign from zero to acquisition by Adobe, and served successful stints as VP of Sales at Talkdesk and HackerRank.

At Cassidy Ventures, Brendon has worked with over 40 startups to define their go-to-market strategies and implement tactical execution plans to win around product, marketing, and business development. And, from a sales perspective, Brendon can recruit and hire his own team, define your sales strategy, pitch, and pricing, 

Outside of his many accomplishments, Brendon’s top passion and accomplishment is being a husband and father of two. He also enjoys sports, politics, movies, and fly fishing. 

I’ve worked with InsideScale across several consulting and full time engagements. I’m not sure there are many better for building your outbound strategy.